JAMATON LINE – The Homogeneous Line

In our Jamaton Line we have developed single lamps for you that provide you with undreamed-of possibilities of interior design. As differently and characteristically every single one of the Jamaton lamps presents itself, as consistently all models follow a harmonious basic design.  Whichever single lamp you may decide on, they are recognisable as a “family“ without abandoning their claim of individuality.

This line of lamps permits you to set atmospheric accents in sophisticated architectural environments and in doing so to rely on an associational design language. From striking floor lamps to aesthetic suspended lamps to wall and ceiling lamps with character-defining features you will be able to choose from an inspiring selection in the Jamaton Line.

Of course, all unique specimens of our Jamaton Line bear the distinctive signature of our design studio. This ensures the Jamaton lamps to also offer brilliant possible combinations, if you wish to extend your Axana Line or your light ensemble of Tisua Line by single lamps.

Apart from its extraordinary designs, Jamaton Line is also impressive due to most sophisticated lighting technology. This comprises control and dimmability and of course illuminants that create powerful and atmospheric light situations and make do with a minimum of energy at that. With their high lumen values energy-saving LED lights as well as halogen lamps provide luscious light in any situation. And sustained illumination through extreme service life and reduced energy costs.

Of course, all the unique items of the Jamaton Line also carry the unmistakable signature of our Designschmiede. This ensures that the Jamaton luminaires also offer great combination possibilities if you would like to expand your Axana Line or your lighting ensemble of the Tisua Line with individual luminaires.

In addition to the extraordinary designs, the Jamaton Line also impresses with the finest lighting technology. This includes control and dimming and, of course, light bulbs that create powerful and atmospheric lighting situations, while using a minimum of energy. Energy-saving LED luminaires and halogen lamps with their high lumen values ensure rich light in every situation. In addition, for sustainable lighting through extreme durability and reduced electricity costs.

Be inspired by our creations of the Jamaton Line. In addition, get to know the fine aesthetics and the superior lighting technology that makes each of our individual luminaires a worthwhile investment. Of course, you also enjoy our special service and the model philosophy of our light manufacturer for your Jamaton light. We guarantee unlimited spare parts service and are always at your side for conversions, relocations or modifications.

Jamaton Line comprises the following types of lamps:

  • single lamps
  • individual lamps
  • low-voltage single lamps
  • spotlights
  • mirror lights
  • ceiling lights
  • wall lights
  • floor lamps
  • suspended lamps

Jamaton Line by the light manufactory SiglLicht: Atmospheric designer illumination for people appreciating beautiful objects.