Of course our Axana Line cannot do without a classical studio spotlight. Even though it clearly bears our design signature.  The illuminant is integrated in the square body as a stylish element and it is child’s play to fix the spotlight on the Axana rail. The lamp can be turned around its own axis. The system spotlight is available in alu silkpat, white or black, whichever colour matches your furnishing style best.

Sizes Jorana / Jobina



System spotlight
Colour: alu silkpat, white, black
Can be equipped with lights 12 V max. 35 W Gu 5.3 not cool beam, energy efficiency class A+ to B according to EU 874/2012
excluding illuminants

5 years warranty

Price per piece:
59.00 Euro excluding VAT
70.21 Euro including VAT

Jorana and Jobina merely differ from each other in the mounting system for the respective rail. The geometric ensemble of this spotlight is distinctive and character defining – round encounters square. System spotlights are the right choice wherever you wish to discreetly emphasize something with light. We manufacture this lamp by hand here in our manufactory, thus ensuring a quality that you will enjoy for a long time.

Spot on – nothing else.

Jorana Küche

AXANA LINE: Die Universelle

Axana Line Erklärung

Anything is possible – this was our top priority during the development of our Axana Line light rail system. That’s the reason for the extraordinary flexibility available to you when installing the light rails. Innumerable possibilities for connection – even in “slanted angles” – or curved according to your ideas – make this rail system so unique for your individual illumination. The light rail system can in fact be adapted to your rooms virtually without any restrictions.

The rail and its components

“Anything is possible“- true to this motto the Axana rail system is as flexible as you need it to be. We have had this system patented. The rails can be mounted upright or flat – as you wish. Around corners, slanted angles, narrow curves: Thanks to its variable connection tools and components as well as its flexibility, the Axana rail tolerates any movement. The rails are available in 3 different colours (alu silkpat, white and black).

Axana Line Schienen und Komponenten
Axana Line Transformatoren

The transformers

We have designed our transformers for you in a way that they harmoniously fit in the aesthetic appearance of your individual Axana concept. Whether you decide in favour of the extremely flat TSZ transformer, the unobtrusively round TBZ or the shapely half cylinder TAZ: You will hardly see the high-performance transformers and above all you will never hear them. Of course they are all dimmable, short-circuit proof and protected against current overload.

Axana Line Trafos
Axana Line Leuchten

The lamps

Puristic aluminium luminaire bodies, glass elements or designer spotlights: Axana Line offers you a wide range of lamps and luminaires to implement your furnishing plans in an elegant, playful or simply cool way. All lamps can be freely shifted along the system rails and, if for instance your furnishing style changes, you can extend or redesign any way you like by combination with new Axana lights.

Axana Line Leuchten

Suggested Lights