Our Cariton ceiling / wall lamp is a very special eye-catcher. For it stands in the room like an artful sail without impairing the effect of the room. The perfect place for it is where pleasant ambient light is required. And its distance to the ceiling makes it spread its ambient light in a spacious cloud of light. The two characteristic glass elements are connected with each other at four points, thus giving the glass body such a fine structure.

Sizes Cariton



Ceiling light / wall light
Can be equipped with G9 halogen, LED lights, max. 60 W, energy efficiency class A-D according to EU 874/2012

5 years warranty

Price per piece:
175.00 Euro excluding VAT
208.25 Euro including VAT

The mounting gear and the cylindrical lamp stand are manufactured from aluminium. You can choose from the colours alu silkpat, black and white according to your wishes. The dimmable light is provided by a 60-watt LED lamp and can be finely dosed. The glass shade can be swivelled around its own axis, which gives you even more opportunities for your lighting design. Cariton creates its best effect when you place several ones symmetrically one after the other. This creates a light atmosphere that generates the right mood!

Association: Light poetry at its very best.

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