Two small, hardly touching glass panels, both of which convex – and what an effect! Casamaron does not have to hide itself – it virtually seeks publicity, is cut out for the grand appearance. Wherever there happens to be a thrilling perspective and the spatial conditions exercise substantial attraction, this ceiling light is the designer tool of choice. Above all restaurants, cafés or lounge areas benefit from this strikingly beautiful designer lamp with its stylish and charming aura.

Sizes Casamaron



Suspended lamp
Can be equipped with G4, 12 V halogen, LED lights, max. 35 W, energy efficiency class A-C according to EU 874/2012
height-adjustable cable 2m

5 years warranty

Price per piece:
280.00 Euro excluding VAT
333.20 Euro including VAT

The dimmable and energy-saving suspended lamp excels in long rows, where it fascinates with an inimitable ambience. Arranged in groups, as a single lamp or arranged in pairs, Casamaron highlights individual areas. For instance it perfectly accentuates bar counters or provides light for a podium from an exhilarating intermediate level. The milky translucent glass ensures a pleasant brightness that creates the charming impression as if it was bound to the characteristic rectangular shape of Casamaron.

Association: Luminary out of the depth of the room.

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