This ceiling light cuts to the chase! Its cylindrical shape reminds you of a pencil, a microphone and of course of a penlight – all of which things that are very focussed and form a clear, targeted line by their very shapes. Interior designers appreciate such straightforwardness. As an illuminant it has an objective and withdrawn effect, while underneath it true life is happening, which Dumagon points to like a designer-shaped arrow.

Sizes Dumagon



Suspended lamp
Can be equipped with Gu 4, 12 V halogen, LED lights, max. 35 W, energy efficiency class A-C according to EU 874/2012
height-adjustable cable 2m

5 years warranty

Price per piece:
260.00 Euro excluding VAT
309.40 Euro including VAT

The suspended lamp has an aluminium body available in metallic grey, varnished white or in black. Every one of this variety has an expressiveness of its own. Whether hanging above a reading corner or whether arranged in a row, setting the scene for a dining table, it creates an amazing sight when switched on. For it does not cast its light downwards in one single bundled ray – as could be expected – but very gently through the fine slits at the bottom of the luminaire body, too.

Association: Magic light is emitted from this cylinder.

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