Sometimes it simply has to be a suspended lamp –  and when that’s the case the best choice is Lefimon 6 from our Jamaton Line. The asymmetrical luminaire body catches your eye immediately and when it’s switched on, its distinctive cone of lights bathes the scene in magically warm white light. The 6-watt LED lamp takes focussed light exactly where you wish it to be. This designer suspended lamp is a real eye-catcher.

Sizes Lefimon - 6



Suspended lamp
Equipped with 6 W LED, energy efficiency class A according to EU 874/2012
450 lm, warm white, 3000K
height-adjustable cable 2m

5 years warranty

Price per piece:
360.00 Euro excluding VAT
428.40 Euro including VAT

Of course you can adjust the height of this suspended light exactly to the position where it spreads perfect light. And as far as colour is concerned, you simply decide between our classical choices alu silkpat, white or black. The standard cable is 2 meters long, but upon request longer cables are available for special suspension heights.

Association: The suspended lamp for a successful appearance.

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