You’re on the safe side with this charismatic wall light. Firstly with respect to your interior design and secondly with respect to atmosphere. For this designer spotlight floods the ceiling with pleasant ambient light. The lamp as such is made from aluminium and inspires by its asymmetrical luminaire body. A cone with corners and edges, mounted to a delicate lamp base. This way you highlight your room without overloading it.

Sizes Lerion - 6



Wall light
Equipped with 6 W LED, energy efficiency class A according to EU 874/2012
450 lm, warm white, 3000K

5 years warranty

Price per piece:
350.00 Euro excluding VAT
416.50 Euro including VAT

To perfectly align the warm white LED light of this designer lamp, the luminaire body can be swivelled. This permits skillful light installations and provides new perspectives time and again. You create an especially skilful basic illumination when you combine several Lerions with each other and as a result illuminate the room accurately. The 6-watt lamp is of course dimmable.

Association: Light in its most beautiful form.

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