The pattern surrounding the luminaire body like a stylish coordinate system reveals the classical model among the suspended lamps. As a lamp with a subtle effect, our model Mamadon illuminates dining tables, work surfaces, couch tables or side tables, contributing to ambience with its unobtrusive shape. This timeless creation with its pearly sheen can be used as a single lamp or in a group, where for instance it develops its effect hanging in a row.

Sizes Mamadon



Suspended lamp
Can be equipped with Gy 6.35, 12 V halogen, LED lights, max. 50 W, energy efficiency class A-C according to EU 874/2012
height-adjustable cable 2m

5 years warranty

Price per piece:
280.00 Euro excluding VAT
333.20 Euro including VAT

Ceiling lights like Mamadon create an intimate, very personal atmosphere. For the individually measured cable places the lamp above the scene of events in a way that a cosy familiarity develops, which only a low-hanging suspended lamp can fill with light. And as it hovers in the middle of the room, almost at the height of one’s forehead, it does not only act as a functional element: Mamadon is lighting design that also stands on its own and serves an important creative purpose in the apartment or at the workplace.

Association: The suspended happy medium.

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