Coloured light brightens up your life. Following this motto, we have developed a designer object with our Rinon wall light, which makes every day a little more cheerful. The square luminaire body finds a perfect place on any wall and adds a splash of colour. Whether you mount it in a hidden or a central place: it attracts attention and inspires again and again by its blue tinge that gives depth to the room.

Sizes Rinon



Ceiling light/wall light
Equipped with 3 W LED, energy efficiency class A according to EU 874/2012
225 lm, warm white, 3000K

5 years warranty

Price per piece:
275.00 Euro excluding VAT
327.25 Euro including VAT

It is perfect as an additional, refreshing light source in combination with the”main illumination”. Its luminaire body is manufactured from aluminium and matches any furnishing style. The blue glass pane, through which light permeates to the outside, skilfully cushions the warm white LED light, enveloping it in a fresh shade of blue. Of course the light intensity can be controlled by dimming until you get the right mixture. Add a splash of colour to your life!

Association: A compact magic cube.

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