There are hotspots in every living environment, which should be especially appreciated because for example work is regularly done there. For these places we have created our suspended light Dilinanua. It is delicate enough so you won’t hit your head all the time. Its bright warm white LED light creates clarity wherever it is placed. Many of our customers appreciate it most of all in their kitchens. Above the working space, the sink or as a stylish element above the wine shelf. So you can clearly see everything you are doing at the moment and also get a pleasant room right.




Panel light

Alu silkpat equipped with 12 W LED, energy efficiency category A considering EU 874/2012
900 Lm warm white

adaptable cable 2m
5 years of guarantee

Price per piece:
690,00 € excluding VAT
821,10 € including VAT

The closed metal shade of Dilinanua clearly  focuses the light upwards and downwards. So you will never be blinded and you can fully concentrate on what you are doing – even if the classy and simple design of the aluminium light body catches your attention every once in a while. The suspension is of course variable and in certain cases, provided that the structural options are suitable, the power unit can disappear in the ceiling.

Lights off, spot on – let work begin.