With Dilinonua we would like to reach all those who have a thing about clear relations. Unfussy design and smooth light performance – that is the idea behind the suspended light Dilinonua. That is what we have implemented by connecting two light rings by a delicate V made of aluminum to hold them. Not one gram too many but enough in any case to have the perfect illumination for working – in the kitchen for example – provided by LED light bands. The light band shining towards the ceiling gives enfolding room light so that a pleasant atmosphere and a perfect downward focus are created at the same time.




Panel light

Alu silkpat equipped with 24 W LED, energy efficiency category A considering EU 874/2012
1800 Lm warm white

light body turn able height
adaptable cable 2m
5 years of guarantee

Price per piece:
825,00 € excluding VAT
981,75 € including VAT

With Dilinonua you elegantly solve the problem of glaring light as you may probably know from conventional spotlights. Bright light, but somewhat disturbing – this problem is solved by the designer lamp Dilinonua in a more elegant way by far. The warm white LED light never glares, not even if you are working in the spotlight. Because of its subtle light body you won’t always hit your lamp unintentionally and you can work without disturbance. The height of your light is of course adjustable as necessary.

Light rings forever – just say yes.