With Dolua we have set a new trend in the field of floor lights. Its clear appearance in luxurious aluminum and its 1800 millimeters in height are impressive no matter where you decide to put this designer lamp from our Munich manufactory. For your Dolua you have the choice: whether you decide to purchase the model with dimmable, variable white light or the one with colourful LED lamps to flood great colourful ambient light in any combination through your whole room.




variable colours


controllable via app


white light




Floor light

Variable white light:
Alu silkpat equipped with 24 W LED, energy efficiency category A considering EU 874/2012
1800 Lm warm white/ amber
Colour ambiance light:
Alu silcpat equipped with 30 W LED energy efficiency category A considering EU 874/2012
900 Lm warm white/1350 Lm RGB
both lights dimmable and changeable in color on a integrated touch panel or via optional available Bluetooth chip

5 years of guarantee

Price per piece:
1670,00 € excluding VAT
1987,30 € including VAT

Optional available with Bluetooth chip for iPhone or Android phone.

Additional price:
250,00 € excluding VAT 
297,50 € including VAT

If you have already made yourself comfortable next to Dolua, it would be a shame having to get up to change colours, wouldn’t it?

Well, this is why we have created LightModul. In combination with an optionally available Bluetooth sensor you can easily control Dolua via your smartphone or tablet. Furthermore we have developed a special app which allows you to smoothly dim, change or mix the colours of your lamp. That is what we call light comfort in perfection – or in short: Dolua. Too precious to just stand in a corner.

The Dolua can also be controlled via smartphone

Light control by LightModul

Most of Tisua Line are supplied with LightModul and can optional be ordered with a Bluetooth chip for controlling via iPhone or Android phone. The brightness and color of the light can be controlled separately up and down wards.


Choose the perfect light with LightModul:

  1. Brightness smoothly dimmable
  2. Choose the desired white tone
  3. Colour brightness smoothly dimmable
  4. Function button (Choice: control bottom, top, both)

…or optional controllable with a Bluetooth chip


Choose light


Choose light scene


Apply light scene

The Bluetooth chip for iPhone or Android you will get for an additional price of 250,00 € excluding VAT or 297,50 € including VAT