Draw the best attention to your walls: with our designer wall light Dorimonua you will give visual structure to your walls and at the same time have an impressive light source that will surprise you. The dimensions of the trendy light body in alu silkpat, which contains the technological elements of this lighting power dwarf, are just 10 x 10 cm. Attached to this body is the stylish light ring, which you will find in numerous models of our Tisua Line. It spreads comfortable warm white LED light upwards and downwards.




Wall light

Alu silkpat equipped with 8 W LED, energy efficiency category A considering EU 874/2012
600 Lm warm white

light body turn able height
5 years of guarantee

Price per piece:
395,00 € excluding VAT
470,05 € including VAT

To focus this light perfectly the light ring can be swivelled upwards and downwards in a delicate hinge. As special feature the Dorimonua wall light has a half-open metal shade that gives a cosy wide-spread light and removes the hard contours of your wall. By the combination of direct and indirect light you can use this designer lamp to highlight your furniture without losing sight of the overall light composition. You will be impressed by how much lighting design can be achieved by such a compact lamp.

What a pity that we don’t have more walls.