With our Dorimua ceiling light you playfully manage a split between focused and softly spreading light. With this designer ceiling lamp we have intentionally broken up the round metal body, which dominates this light. Therefore, on the one hand its bright LED lamp shines upwards and downwards. On the other hand this luxurious light made of alu silkpat provides soft light to all sides, gently flooding your room with perfect light. It is the single counterpart of our Dolorimua suspended light and is just as impressive in combination with Dolorimua as it is as a single piece. For example to illuminate parts of the room in a creative way.

Dorimua is also produced in our lighting workshop in Munich in three lengths. Dorimua 120, 180 and 360 are the designations among which you will certainly find the perfect dimension for your room, too. The round metal ring can be turned around its axis by 360 degrees. In order to focus you can tilt the light body in a delicate hinge by 310 degrees so you can position Dorimua whichever way you like and therefore greatly vary its lighting effect. Optionally Dorimua can also be equipped with colour LEDs.

Turn it on, enjoy and unwind.




Ceiling light

Alu silkpat equipped with 8 W LED, energy efficiency category A considering EU 874/2012
900 Lm warm white

light body turn able height
Available in 3 sizes: Dorimua 120, A=90 mm Dorimua 180, A=155 mm Dorimua 360, A=335 mm
5 years of guarantee

Price per piece:
395,00 € excluding VAT
470,05 € including VAT