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Turn spaces with good light into something unique

Light Consulting Munich by SiglLicht – experience our passion for good light. Whether your own four walls are in an apartment, a one-family house or in a villa: With a light consultation, you set accents in individual rooms and create real oases of well-being. With lighting design from Munich and sound lighting advice, you refine every room and ensure comfort and enhanced well-being. Let our professionals explain how you create atmosphere with elegant designer lamps and a clever placement. We carry out a lighting consultation here in our designer lighting shop in Munich. In addition, we also like to visit you at home and take together with you a light consultation in private, right on the scene. In addition to light consulting, we also offer light planning for private individuals and companies in Munich and throughout Germany when you are completely renovating or rebuilding. Here you will be lead directly to the lighting design for new buildings and renovations.

Here you will be lead directly to the lighting design

Sound, individual lighting advice does not just include lighting tips that are tailored to your living situation. We are also available to help with the selection of suitable designer lamps from our own Munich light factory with advice and practical help. In doing so, we literally “illuminate” all the essential aspects of our lighting consultancy. Are direct or indirect LED luminaires suitable or does it require individual accentuating LED spots? Alternatively, do you want to combine existing lighting concepts with new luminaires and extend them? The dim ability or the option to use color changeable light is part of a lighting consultation here in Munich. Our lighting consultants here in Munich work with you to develop all the components that make for good and aesthetic lighting. Therefore, you can do more in an instant based on a lighting consultation from your rooms and benefit from a completely new living experience. Lighting Consulting Munich: That’s how your rooms shine in new splendor!


We “illuminate” all aspects

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Light consulting for every furnishing situation

Due to our immense experience from over 30 years of light manufacture and the production of our designer lamps, we know exactly what is necessary for a stylish lighting. Therefore, you are right with us in all matters relating to the right light. Whether you want a lighting consultancy for a new building in Munich, whether you want to renovate or just want to redesign a room and need lighting tips: Together we work with you to develop a solution that meets all your technical and aesthetic requirements. As a lighting consultant in Munich, we also offer this service in Germany. We specialize in the following aspects:

• Lighting advice kitchen
• Light consulting dining room
• Light consulting living room
• Light consulting bedroom
• Light consulting bathroom
• Lighting consulting event location
• Lighting advice restaurant
• Light consulting office
• Lighting advice interior lighting
• Lighting advice outdoor lighting
• Shop lighting

Make an appointment for the light consultation

LIGHT CONSULTING from MunichA service that is worthwhile in every aspect

Take advantage of our service here in Munich and benefit from our huge selection of tasteful designer lamps. For a perfect lighting consultation, of course, includes the right equipment with lamps and lights. With us, you will find everything from one source – for more style and living quality almost at the touch of a button. You don’t need to shy away from the cost of a lighting consultancy, because if you opt for one of our luminaires, the lighting consultancy understands itself as customer service.
Here at the Lichtmanufaktur, let us show you just how versatile modern LED lighting systems are. We also have many modern lighting controls in the program, even with our own APP. For example, you can control your new designer light conveniently via your smartphone or mobile phone and use your fingertip to conjure up unexpected light moods in your rooms. Get to know our unique color changeable LED lights and redesign your rooms completely.
Make more out of your rooms and create atmosphere – with sound lighting advice from the Munich lighting manufacturer SiglLicht.