SiglLicht Manufactory Munich – a Notion that is Important to the World of Sigllicht

“Manufacture” is derived from the Latin words “manus” (hand) and “facere” (make, produce). Things made by hand are what you’ll find here at SiglLicht. There is nothing off the shelf, no products created by a 3-D printer. All lights and lamps, designer lamps, lighting systems, floor lamps and wall lights are hand-crafted in our workshop. This is the only way to guarantee the quality most of our customers appreciate in our products.

In our light manufactory in Munich’s “Isarvorstadt” we use top quality material, not just for our LED lights but also for halogen lamps and other luminaires, which are selected according to strict criteria. The quality of the components plays an equally important role as their environmental compatibility. We bank on elements that – thanks to their high energy efficiency grades – run on very low electricity and have a long life. Not only the aesthetical aspects are of high value to us but also functionality. Flexible components whose position can easily and precisely be changed by turning or sliding, lamps that are easy to change and high functionality: these are attributes that distinguish our designer lamps from many other providers.

Manufaktur Sigllicht

Our Awards



  • Reddot 2000 (for Illiron)
  • Reddot 2010  (for Xinua)
  • International Lighting Design Index 2010
  • Bavarian State Award for Special Design in Crafts 2013 (for Dolorinua)
  • German Design Award Special 2017 (for Loop S)
  • German Design Spirit 2016 in Honkong


  • Bavarian Quality Award 2003-2015
  • German Design Award 2004
  • German Design Award 2011
  • German Brand Award 2017 (nominated for the brand SIGLLICHT)

Long Tradition:

As light manufacturer we already dealt with LED technology in the early 80s. Therefore we have gained a lot of experience which our customers can profit from. Today we can proudly claim that we are one of the leading manufacturers for LED lighting design. With sophisticated technology made in Germany, made in Munich. Our latest collections, lights and lamps made in Munich are all based on LED lighting. Our systems are technologically very sophisticated and their dimmability and the option to change light colours are not extra features but a matter of course. Our service also includes changing from halogen to LED technology. This is how we can turn your cherished classic into a trendy light.


Speaking of Sustainability

This term is not just an empty phrase for us, but a main constituent in our concept. We never stop producing our timeless light collections and we don’t see them as throwaway products because this is the most effective environmental protection in our opinion. If you buy your lighting products at the light manufactory Sigl, the specialist in designer illumination in Munich, you will have many, many years of great lighting. And should you ever move, need spare parts or wish to extend your lighting system, you’ve made the right choice. Even after years and decades our customers can purchase the same lights, spare parts or accessories. This is what we understand by quality. As a matter of course we also repair your lamps many years after you’ve bought them in our workshop. In case you wish to change illuminants or make other constructive changes, we are happy to help. This is the unbeatable advantage of having your own workshop, which is being run by passionate lighting experts!

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It is due to our passion for light and the fact that every product we sell is made by ourselves that we can provide consultancy on a very high level when it comes to implementing your lighting projects.

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We know all our lamps by heart and we know in each case which technology to use best in order to generate the perfect impression.  Believe in our competence and purchase a light that will convince you in all respects. Passion for aesthetic features and technology. For light that appeals to your senses. This is Munich’s light manufactory SIGLLICHT.