With Carimon we have made our ceiling light Cariton suitable for vertical mounting on the wall – in perfect combination with Cariton. Their performance data are identical. However, the simple cylindrical lamp stand is mounted to the wall in a way that the glass body with its two precious glass elements points upwards. Carimon enables you to turn corridors, recesses or previously dark corners into stylish oases of light.

Sizes Carimon



Ceiling light
Can be equipped with G9 halogen, LED lights, max. 60 W, energy efficiency class A-D according to EU 874/2012

5 years warranty

Price per piece:
198.00 Euro excluding VAT
235.62 Euro including VAT

Like all designer lamps of our Jamaton Line, Carimon is manufactured in our Munich light manufactory with greatest care. And – as you are used to where we are concerned – you needn’t worry, even if there is a mishap after a few years and the glass elements are damaged. Even after you’ve moved house several times you can purchase any necessary spare parts from us. Feel the magic of Carimon’s pleasant light!

Association: A true adornment for any wall.

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