Ceiling lights must meet aesthetic as well as technological demands concerning their light output. Our Xariton has been developed to create a designer wall light that easily meets both requirements. Its cylindrical glass body is simple and not exaggerated. The LED light of up to 48 watts provides light that is appealingly spread in the room.

Sizes Xariton



Ceiling light
Can be equipped with G9 halogen, LED lights, max. 48 W, energy efficiency class A-D according to EU 874/2012
5 years warranty

Price per piece:
95.00 Euro excluding VAT
113.05 Euro including VAT

The Xariton ceiling light must of course be mounted centrally for it to achieve its full radiance. Several lights in succession are also ideal, for instance in a long corridor. In that case they create homogeneous illumination, while furthermore each single lamp acts as an eye-catcher. Xariton is of course dimmable and hence perfectly adapts itself to the available ambient light.

Association: Stylish cylinder with a wow factor.

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