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Somebody has finally hit bull’s eye – this or something similar will come to the viewer’s mind when standing before this extraordinary ceiling or wall light. Its six LED lights provide homogeneous, warm white light through the transparent glass body; nevertheless the individual lights are easy to recognise. This is what makes for the special charm of this designer lamp.


Sizes Xinon



Ceiling light / wall light
Colour: alu silkpat
Equipped with 6-36 W LED, energy efficiency class A according to EU 874/2012
450-2700 lm, warm white, 3000K
with an LED 2, 3, 4, 5, 6

5 years warranty

Price per piece:
560.00 Euro excluding VAT
666.40 Euro including VAT

The body comes in the colour alu silkpat and therefore matches any furnishing style with its milky white glass element. Additionally, as far as power is concerned, you can draw on abundant resources. Each of the six LED lights is 36 watts strong. This is how Xinon rapidly becomes the star of your living room. And should a little less light happen to be attractive, simply tame it by dimming it.

Assocation: A stylish sixpack!

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