Extravagance rocks: You demonstrate your guts to show extravagance if you treat yourself to Xirinon as wall or ceiling light. Its LED rows create a distinctive visual appearance irrespectively of whether it is switched on or off. Its cheerful green shade attracts attention and turns this unusual designer lamp into a true object of art, which initially hardly anybody would expect to shine impressively into the bargain.

Sizes Xirinon



Ceiling light / wall light
alu silkpat
Equipped with 11 W colour-changeable LED, energy efficiency class A according to EU 874/2012

5 years warranty

Price per piece:
590.00 Euro excluding VAT
702.10 Euro including VAT

The aesthetic characteristics of this exceptional lamp display their best effect, if you place it consciously and in plain view. In that case its superb light properties reach their full potential. You can mount it horizontally or vertically, matching its effect with your furniture. The long-life LED lights provide reliable, energy-saving light for many years. We manufacture this designer lamp with the greatest care in small numbers – this truly ensures a little extravagance for you.

Association: Now I get it, it’s a lamp! 

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