Ceiling lights are the perfect conclusion of a well-planned lighting concept. Our designer ceiling light Dorinua is the designated complementary partner of our suspended lamp Dolorinua. The closed metal shade shows the affiliation to the product line. Nevertheless Dorinua is of course also perfectly suitable as a single piece in every room with an atmosphere. Its gentle and soft LED white light with its ability to be turned and tilted is adjustable exactly as you need it and as the light best accentuates your room.

The LED lamps shine their light upwards and downwards through a milky glass. This results in harmonious light scattering to all sides and makes focusing possible at the same time. The designer light Dorinua is produced in our Munich light manufactory in three sizes, with 90, 155 and 335 millimeters in length. Therefore we can perfectly adjust its puristic design to your ceiling height. The round light bodies can be turned around its axis by 360 degrees and vertically tilted up to 310 degrees. The Dorinua designer lamp is also available with colour LEDs.

Association: Shines like a fixed star in the sky at night.




Ceiling light

Alu silkpat equipped with 8 W LED, energy efficiency category A considering EU 874/2012
900 Lm warm white

light body turn able height
Available in 3 sizes: Dorinua 120, A=90 mm Dorinua 180, A=155 mm Dorinua 360, A=335 mm
5 years of guarantee

Price per piece:
395,00 € excluding VAT
470,05 € including VAT